Curbside Service Due to COVID-19

Starting now we are beginning curbside service for those who do not wish to enter the retail facility for social distancing purposes. NHC is considered an essential business and is allowed to remain operational through the shelter-in-place order. At this time curbside service will be available 9am-7pm daily. The retail store will remain open normal hours 7am-9pm, however customers must remain 6 feet from their budtender. Our delivery service will also remain active 9am-7pm. We are experiencing a higher than normal volume of delivery requests and you may experience some delay. Thank you for your patience.

Here is how curbside service works:

  • To expedite, place a “pickup order” ahead of time via budtender will be available to assist you at your car if you cannot place your order ahead of time.)
  • Then drive to NHC between 9am-7pm, following the curbside service signage. You will see a branded 10×10 pop-up tent to pull up to.
  • An NHC employee will then assist you from your car window. For your safety, we are taking great care to ensure the person handling your products will not be the same person handing cash, and our facility is being cleaned hourly (at minimum).
  • Please note that in order to take advantage of curbside service, all occupants of your car must be 21 years and older.
Curbside service is an emergency procedure and NHC has received temporary permission by the CA Bureau of Cannabis Control and The City of Grover Beach to implement it and protect your safety. Thank you for being a valued customer.